A collection of videos from Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption events, user contributed videos, and fun videos from the web. We hope you enjoy these!

Let's Play!

Think greyhounds don't know how to play?  Think again!


Let it go

Our mission, making sure the last lap is into a loving forever home.  A tribute.

Spirit Settles in for a Nap

Greyhounds have many interesting quirks. One that they are absolutel professionals at, is the art of nesting. Nesting is preparing their bed for sleep. A nice, plush bed that would seem to be ready to sleep to us, clearly is deficient to the greyhound.

Here, watch a short clip to see what all the fuss is about.


 Walking Greyhounds

There is a myth that Greyhounds require lots and lots of exercise. Fortunately, that is patently untrue.  However, walking with your greyhound is both easy, and rewarding.  

2012 Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption Annual Meeting

June 10th marked a milestone in the development of Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption.  We hosted our first annual meeting, and voting concluded with enough of a quorum to empanel a Board, and set of Directors.

Plus we had cake and coffee.   

2012 Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption Ice Cream Social

In April, we had our first member appreciation event, an ice cream social hosted by the volunteers. 

Arizona Animal Fair 2012

Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption's first public event, the Arizona Animal Fair was an outstanding success. Members of the Steering Committee set the tone of who we are and what we want to accomplish in working with the greyhounds. A truly astounding show of support from our volunteers ensured that the event was a resounding success!

I'm so Ronery

Oliver would get morose when his daddy was traveling.  One wet January morning, he had his Mommy make this video.  With apologies to "Team America - World Police" for the soundtrack

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